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Seeing the Light

Got Web? In this day and age the costs of entry are so low, the setup so straightforward, there's simply no reason to wait. Let us help youget there!


We know who you are:

You are first and foremost the TEACHER:: Your avocation is education, and in some way your are dedicated to helping people learn.

You are the ADMINISTRATOR:: You have to think about things like tuition, or auditing, or annual reports. You are the backbone of education - without your efforts there is no whiteboard, no heat, no busses and no schedule.

You are the PARENT:: You have given no small part of your life to support the lives of your children. You want them to be learning, to be absorbing, to be amazed at the world around them.

You are the STUDENT:: Whether a "life-long learner," an incoming preschooler, or a an overwhelmed senior, you are why we work in education.

You are the TECHNOLOGIST:: An instructional media developer; a sysadmin; a network specialist, or helpdesk supervisor - you have too much to do, and too little time to do it, and you want less, not more.

So who are we?

We are teachers and students, administrators and IT professionals, software developers and web designers and consultants. We may also be parents, sailors, skiiers, musicians, aviators, and bikers. Our experiences, past and present, mingle with our professions to make us like you. With years of EDUCATION and INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES experience, combined with some basic functional principles, we have the KNOWLEDGE to help you make great things happen.