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KNEDIT :: Profiles

DI von Briesen || Elizabeth von Briesen || Lucia Siochi || Matt Williams || Nicholas Wind

D.I. von Briesen

Daniel Inayat "D.I." von Briesen has been working with computers and technology since he first installed a video card in a Mac SE to run a portrait display. He cushioned the box with a sheepskin... illustrating quite dramatically how little he knew about electronics and static at the time.

D.I. has a Masters in MIS, has worked in big-Five (now four?) consulting, and has been teaching technology for half a decade. He is a lecturer Program Chair of Internet Technologies at CPCC, one of the largest Community Colleges in the United States. He evangelizes Moodle and his star model of education information management. He manages to regularly attend technology and education conferences, an eagerly networks with IT educators around the world.

D.I. lives with his wife and their five children in Charlotte.

Elizabeth von Briesen

Elizabeth Munira von Briesen has a BS in Physics and works grading courses online for CPCC, one of the largest Community Colleges in the United States. She also takes freelance contracts doing online curriculum updates, Blackboard to Moodle migration, lecture transcription, and online course administration. As an owner/manager of Knedit, LLC she plays a critical role in presentation support and office management.

Elizabeth lives in Charlotte with her husband D.I. and their five children.

Lucia Siochi

Lucia Siochi has a Masters in Computer Science and an AS in Internet Technologies. She does freelance development for a variety of clients, and has been an adjunct teacher of IT in person and online for several years.

Matt Williams

Matt Williams has an AS in Internet Technologies and currently involves himself with developing webpages that validate to xhtml strict and are completely accessible while still looking good in all browsers. He is distracted from this by forays into the world of python and plone, but seems more than happy to increase the size of his alphabet soup bowl.

Nicholas Wind

Nicholas Wind is an Information Technology Associate with Charlotte-Mecklenberg Schools (CMS) and specializes in hardware and server management. His tools of choice are FreeBSD, mySQL, slackware, and his PocketPC. Now if only he could stop losing those 256MB memory cards ("they're the size of a postage stamp!").

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